Member Page

Greetings. Welcome to the Member Page of the Altairian Religious Order (ARO).
As a religious organization, we are different from most of the other main line religions. We do not use dogma or seek to create a structure of forced beliefs. Instead we seek to work together to determine the truth of the universe. We believe that too many established religions have created dogma to allow them to avoid dealing with the issues raised or the facts that science has uncovered over the years. Our uniqueness is both in how we approach religion and life and in our drive to question, not only other religious beliefs but our own beliefs as well. Our religious order is a very recent event in the scale of human existence. It could not have existed much earlier in the history of humans since a part of the development of this religion was based upon the dramatic changes in science and technology that have occurred in the last 100 years. In order to be easily accessible to more people, we maintain an Internet based form of contact. Some introduction documents are listed below. Please feel free to read them. Our Goal. Our Goal is to help our Members have a great life. We do this by giving them the information and the tools to make the best decisions possible for them and their loved ones. We look forward to your questions and comments. We do ask that you DO NOT pass this web site to others until they have talked to an Elder. Your help is appreciated.